Gracias embodies the spirit of grace, gratitude and appreciation. Thanking our planet and our world for it’s many blessings. We believe, appreciation and respect are the core values and the essence of the true nature of happiness, love and existence. A grateful heart is a strong and full syncopator and keeps us in step and tempo with the world. A grateful spirit is a fun and full animator and keeps us up and going in life. It is in this united connection of heart and spirit where Gracias is born.


Here at Gracias we understand that community withholds everything! We pride ourselves in building long lasting relationships that can flourish tomorrow into new connections, friendships and miraculous possibilities. Creating a strong bond and a hands on connection with our public is something we hold dear to our hearts. Spreading positive energy, keeping life light hearted, comfortable and cool. This soul energy of appreciation is so contagious it brings all people together. We believe in the spirit of unity, rebelliousness and wholehearted fun. Gracias means: We Go Together And Together We are Going to have a good time!


Gracias is about feeling and looking fresh, sharp and comfortable! Our clothing is made of soft and cozy materials contrasted with clean, stylish, minimalistic designs. It is in this juxtaposition that we get a sense of comfort and relaxation, with an artful slick, musical playfulness. Feeling cozy and homey yet looking sharp, clean and stylish. This is Gracias.


With a fast changing world facing issues of pollution and contamination in the clothing industry, being a small sustainable brand is primordial to us here at Gracias. All our packaging is made out of eco-sustainable recycable/composable materials. We are aware about the waste and carbon print problem and how it is impacting our environment. Therefore our clothes are designed and printed here in Vancouver, British Columbia. Keeping up with the latest sustainable technologies and looking for new creative and innovative ways to make exciting up to date clothing. Working with small quantities and limited collections to ensure a healthier more sustainable manufacturing habit.


Working in the assistance of the well being of animals is also something that is very important to us. We love animals and are dog crazy here at Gracias! We want to team up with groups that do positive things for animals and try to include our friendly companions into the mix. We want to shine light on the goodness and beauty of life and to help out our happy animal friends. It is our mission to remind ourselves to be thankful and appreciative of the beauty in life, lend a helping hand when we can and understand fully the unbelievable opportunity that it is to live, share and create! We are Gracias, clothing for a good time.

People Behind Gracias

Gracias was created by Finnish designer and painter, Hanna Tahvanainen, and Panamanian musician and adventurer, Felipe Arias. In the aim of blending our love for art, music and clothing in one format and our two opposing world cultures, we come together harmoniously in Gracias Clothing. Watermelon seeds symbolizing the tropical vibrant, fruitful nature of the tropics of Panama and a playful hungry bear representing Finland and the great white north. Together with Gracias we celebrate the mixture and exploration of all cultures of the world, mixing ideas, trends and outlooks into one cohesive end result. Exploring the lands, foods, shapes and colors that ignite their creativity and hearts. Together we Go!

Where We Are

In the spirit of movement, light and exploration the Gracias bear has now relocated to North Vancouver, British Columbia. Explorers and expeditionaries say to have seen the Gracias Bear in the woods and he seems to be enjoying the weather, fresh munch and a cooler environment.

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