Good Times News

With media outlets trying to politicize every single topic under the sun, watching the news in 2022 feels more like playing the part of Alex in the clockwork orange.

You know surrounded by all the mad doctors. Strapped to a chair with his poor eyes held open so as to have no chance to blink, getting fed ultra violent images of war and destruction to the beat of Beethoven.

It really has become all too much of a bad acid trip gone tremendously bad. The news has become so unbearable, most people have either switched off their tv or fully disconnected from these outlets. Since this skewness and theft of public attention is plaguing modern life and mental health in the population, we here, at Gracias, are making an attempt to rethink the idea of news. Our purpose is instead of putting attention to the bad news all the time, let's  bring good news all the time! So in that way, we relate the idea of news to actual positive 

constructive and inspiring information.

For us it is more important to find out what we can do, than to sit around arms akimbo grumping as the world goes up in flames. Don’t get me wrong i am not prescribing denial, I am prescribing keeping the mind positive and our actions helpful. So in this spirit we can keep being constructive and proactive. 


With this in mind we came up with the idea, news is good news. We followed this thought as an ethos for our latest designs in our new Gracias Collection named “The Good Times”.

Inspired by The New York Times timeless and classic newspaper typography and lay out, we joyfully flipped it around to the good times. We absolutely love the straight and parallel designs of these types of newspaper prints, so we tried to bring that geometrical symmetry and grace into a clean and practicable every day look and fit. We are super happy with the results of the designs. The lettering and the typography in unison are just so cool and the way the lines just come together with the lettering and the clothing is quite serendipitous. 

Good news, good times and good vibes. We only learn through mistakes, but we go tumbling on fixing things as we go along, trying to make things right. So instead of being Alex getting tortured by violent images that bring us intense anxiety, maladies and a grim outlook on life. Maybe we change our perspective and venture our attention to what actually is going right and find out how we can be a part of that positive change. I don’t know about you but I rather hang out with the Lorax in a forrest with trees, good spirits and happy animals than be perpetually tortured by bad news like Alex. So let's set Alex free and out of that chair! 

We will use all our media outlets to provide you constantly with an array of good news and actions you can partake in making our world a bit better. From now on it’s Good Times All the Time! 

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