Gracias News and Updates

This space will be dedicated to an array of optimal things. First and foremost it’s a place where we can tell you all about the fun stuff we are up to! Keeping you up to date with our latest information, news and current releases!

Here you can find out what the brand has in the making, positive inspiring news updates and the latest brand information and activities.

We want to bring you information about things we believe can enrich your life in useful, practical and simple ways. If you like dogs and animals, environmental conservation, adventure and nature, music, mind fitness, counter culture, art, design, new ecological solutions in the fashion industry, zen philosophy, health and wellness you have come to the right place. 

Born out of a Punk Rock youth of loud music and active rebellion, rethinking ways, doing things right is part of our overall attitude. This place will be used to touch optimal information that is entertaining, empowering and helpful. 

Our main philosophy and ethos here at Gracias is that appreciation and thankfulness are key to a healthy spirit and heart, which are essential for our positive movements in action. 

So through this mantra of positive thinking and vibrations we aim for happiness, empowerment and positive change. Through this mind frame this blog intents to bring you news and information that will brighten up your day and empower you with practical tools that can enrich your life. We concentrate on positive and constructive news, exciting entertaining topics and functional solutions.

I hope you take this journey with us into creativity, rebellion, imagination and the power of positive thought and action.

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